Residential Cleaning Services

Providing exceptional care for your home is our passion. To better serve you we have few packages. Our repeating clients, after initial Deep Cleaning, can opt-in for Maintenance Cleaning only if the service will be done at least once a month. If inclusions of preset packages don’t quite cover needs for your household we offer Customized Cleaning or Maid Service.

Deep Cleaning

Whether you are looking for a one-time cleaning, or a repeating service, Deep Cleaning is perfect to reset your home. Our team is here to wipe everything in your house from top to bottom. This service is primarily intended for occupied properties. Please see the inclusions here. 

Maintenance Cleaning

This service is something that we offer only to our repeating clients to help them maintaining the household. We understand that sometimes you might find yourself busy in your everyday lives, and we are here to help. We are covering most of the areas of a deep cleaning, with a few differences. Please see the inclusions here.

Customized Cleaning or Maid Service

If you just need a few hours of help in your household or just prefer customized service that is not part of our packages, our team members are here to assist. You are able to direct our cleaners to help you with household projects or everyday tasks. This service is charged hourly ($49/hr per cleaner – price for 2022). The minimum amount of hours to book this service is 2.5 hours. Please note that if you are outside of our service area, the transportation fee will be added to the price.