Nami Story

Nami Cleaning was founded as a result of love towards the ocean and nature, and working experience in a five-star hotel operation. The name came for a Japanese word for a wave – nami .

We all enjoy a healthy and clean home, but what does that actually mean?

In Nami Cleaning we believe that clean means both spotless and free of all harmful chemicals, that can slowly damage your and your loved ones’ health. With experience with both industrial cleaning and green cleaning, we believe in the strength of toxic-free products. In our cleaning, we are using organic ingredients and products labeled with Safer Choice. All material that we use is reusable or biodegradable, including the plastic bags.

With our actions, we will show you that we care for your home/workspace, as well as your well-being and sustainability of our island.


Our vision is to contribute to ecological sustainability locally and positively influence people who use toxic cleaning chemicals. We replace unsafe chemicals to Eco-Friendly cleaning products, maintaining the same quality and preciseness.


Our mission is to empower our clients with proper sources of healthy living, focusing on cleaning. We inform our stakeholders, about responsible and sustainable ways to maintain your home and business place clean. With a personalized approach and a detailed list of cleaning inclusions, we are aiming for 100% client satisfaction. (55 Checklist)


The founder, Ryuhei Funaki, has an academic background in marine biology, and working experience in hotel/cruise ship operation in Japan. He learned to perform under standards of USPH, PHE, and other government institutions.
Having that in mind, he has started Nami Cleaning with the vision to raise awareness of well- being of customers and cleaners.

Bilingual Staff

We also provide service to Japanese speaking market on Oahu, please let us know if you needed a bilingual staff member.

We truly believe that we all shape the world we live in, and every single little decision counts when we work together towards the goal to shape the Earth for our young ones.