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Move-Out/Move-in Cleaning

Moving is never easy, but heaving a trustworthy cleaning company helps. Whether you are moving out and you need your apartment ready for a new tenant, or moving in and you want to make sure that your future home is freshly cleaned for your new beginning, we are here to help you. Our team is here to clean everything top to bottom (reachable with medium size ladders), including inside of the cabinets, windows (interior), oven, behind and inside of the fridge (if it’s mobile). If your cleaning includes lanai, the sliding door exterior cleaning will be included. 


Please see the list below and share it with your property manager to make sure this it matches your rental agreement requirements. We are not responsible for anything not mentioned on the list, or if the information we were given was not complete. 


Our team can also assist with carpet cleaning/shampooing needs, so please see more detail about it here


Important to Know


  • Main Service Area: 96813, 96814, 96815, 96816, 96817, 96819, 96821 (partially), and 96826
  • Depending on the schedule, we might be able to service outside of this area, however there will be additional cost covering the transportation time. 
  • In some occasions to provide a quote we might need to see the property or ask for additional photos


  • Before the cleaning crew arrives the property has to be cleared out of all personal belongings and the tenant has to be moved out completely, except for the things belonging to the owner/unit that are mentioned in the quote request 
  • Nami Cleaning is not responsible for any disposal of personal items (small items disposal can be added to the quote if mentioned in advance) 
  • If the unit is furnished, due to liability reasons we are not moving the furniture heavier that dinning room chairs, with the exception of refrigerators with wheels
  • Clients are welcomed to remove furniture for easier reach of the cleaning crew 
  • If nobody is present to provide access to the cleaning crew, the wait time will be additionally charged 
  • Ensure to communicate in advance for specification regarding accessing the property 
  • The crew is brining a lot of equipment, so the parking on the property is required – if not please let us know when requiring the quote as we might need additional team member for drop-off/pick-up
  • We might not be able to remove all the stains, but we will do our best in the aspect of what you required in the quote
  • Ensure to disclose potential biohazard exposure, as there are limitations of our insurance policy 

Move-Out/Move-In Cleaning Checklist (unfurnished)

All Interior Kitchen Bathroom Other
Floors vacuuming and mopping
Outside and inside of the cabinets and drawers vacuuming & wiping
Bathtub and shower (includes shower door) deep scrubbing, stainless steel part polishing
Closet wiping or washing
Wall stain dust-off and light wiping (for wall scrubbing see add-on section)
Counter top & backsplash scrubbing and wiping
Toilets cleaned and sanitized including base, removing ring in the bowel
Closet mirror wiping or washing
Windows washing interior (jalousie windows & screen cleaning will be add-on fee)
Stove top (flat surface) scrubbing and wiping
Sink scrubbing and polishing
Washer & dryer exterior light wiping
Window sill wiping
Stove top (pan) - pans scrubbing coving with foil, top scrubbing and wiping
Mirror - wiping or washing
Emptying the dryer filter
Ceiling fans wiping
Stove top (gas range) - black frame scrubbing, stainless steel part scrubbing and wiping
Cabinet wiping outside and inside of the cabinets
Dusting accessible area around washer/dryer
Baseboards wiping
Stove hood vent- top and inside scrubbing & wiping
Door knob sanitizing
Lanai windows and sliding door exterior washing (screen cleaning will be add-on fee)
Light fixture wiping (reachable without removing it)
Stove exterior wiping and scrubbing
Exhaust cleaning
Lanai railing wiping and scrubbing (glass railing will be add-on fee)
Light switch wiping
Oven cleaning inside and out
Lanai floor vacuuming and mopping if possible
Cobwebs removing
Fridge washing inside and wiping outside (clean underneath of the fridge if it's movable)
Sink and faucet scrubbing and polishing
Sink disposer inside brushing
Microwave cleaning inside and out
Furnished Properties (Add-On Fee) Other Add-Ons

Properties for the Move-Out/Move-in Cleaning are mostly unfurnished. If there is furniture or other belongings remaining in the property after the move-out (belonging the owner or unit) please specify in the quote request. 

Grout cleaning (let us know the areas for the quote)
Kitchen - If there are Eating and Cooking Utensils in the drawers and shelves, we are taking it out to wipe the shelves and drawers and putting back (washing of the utensils and cooking items is not included)
Blind Wiping - please avoid if the blinds are sensitive
Bedroom - Vacuuming the top of the bed (if not beaded) and wiping dressers and closets inside and outside
Living room - Vacuuming the couch and wiping electronics and other surfaces
Jalousie windows cleaning
Dining room - Wiping and dining table and chairs (moving dining chairs for better access)
Screen cleaning
Wall stain scrubbing
Carport sweeping
Laundry washing

Move-Out/Move-In Cleaning Quote Request