Nami Cleaningについて

Nami Story

Nami Cleaningは海や自然に対する敬愛と五つ星ホテルオペレーションから生まれました。 社名はNamiは、日本語の”波”から来ています。


In Nami Cleaning we believe that clean means both spotless and free of all harmful chemicals, that can slowly damage your and your loved ones’ health. With experience with both industrial cleaning and green cleaning, we believe in the strength of toxic-free products. In our cleaning, we are using organic ingredients and products labeled with Safer Choice. All material that we use is reusable or biodegradable, including the plastic bags.

With our actions, we will show you that we care for your home/workspace, as well as your well-being and sustainability of our island.




Our mission is to empower our clients with proper sources of healthy living, focusing on cleaning. We inform our stakeholders, about responsible and sustainable ways to maintain your home and business place clean. With a personalized approach and a detailed list of cleaning inclusions, we are aiming for 100% client satisfaction. (55 Checklist)


それを念頭に置きながら、彼はお客様とスタッフの心地よく健康な幸せのお手伝いしたいというビジョンでNami Cleaningを始めました。


Nami Cleaningはオアフ島にて日本語でのサービスを提供しています。日本語でのお問合せご希望の場合はお気軽にどうぞ。

私たちは、一人一人の行動が今の世界を作っていると信じており、Nami Cleaningはお客様と一緒に後世の子供たちに残せる素晴らしい世の中を作りたいと思っています。